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DAOU Vineyards
Aerial view of the vineyards and tasting room at DAOU Estate


Enjoy a beautiful summer on the Central Coast

If you’re looking to eschew traditional and often tourist-filled regions in favor of a beautiful, bountiful experience—Paso Robles is the California wine country’s best-kept secret.

Portrait of Andre Tchelistcheff sniffing a glass of wine

Discover Paso Robles

From a full-bodied Cabernet to a light, oaky Chardonnay, California is the Golden State of American winemaking, rife with exceptional grapes and vintages. However—if you’re looking to eschew traditional and often tourist-filled regions in favor of a beautiful, bountiful experience—Paso Robles is the California Wine Country’s best-kept secret.

Nestled between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Paso Robles spans across 12,740 acres, many of which house olive groves and vineyards for a world-class culinary experience.

Undiscovered from the world, Paso Robles is still true to its roots. At its heart, this is an agricultural community. The people are honest and proud of the land they so meticulously manage.

There is a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere where one feels immediately at ease to be themself. And within this hidden gem of a region is an incredible terroir that rivals some of the best in the world. According to Daniel Daou, who founded his eponymous winery with brother Georges in 2007, “Paso has the soils of Bordeaux and the climate of Napa.” 

A cover image of Wines & Vines magazine with Tchelistcheff and Hoffman

Paso has the soils of Bordeaux and the climate of Napa.

As the famed Andre Tchelitcheff once stated, it is a "jewel of ecological elements."

The elevation brings cool breezes from the ocean through gaps in the Coastal Mountain Range, while keeping the vineyards above the clouds for dramatic year-round sun,” explains Kevin Anderson, Director of Hospitality at DAOU Vineyards.

The combination gives us warm days and cool nights allowing the grapes to ripen in the sun and maintain their acidity during cool nights.

A vineyard with barn in the background
Winemakers in the barrel room

A Jewel of Ecological Elements

If Paso Robles is a treasure of California’s wine scene, then DAOU Vineyards is its crown jewel—a cornerstone of quality and accessibility. Perched on DAOU Mountain—which stands 14 miles away from the ocean at an elevation of 2,200 feet—our location is not only ideal for growing Bordeaux varietals, but it also offers an idyllic place to enjoy a glass of wine.

The views allow you to take in the entire Adelaida District of Paso Robles,” Anderson explains. “When you are here, you feel and understand what makes this place so special.”


Don't take our word for it- come and experience DAOU for yourself. Take a sip of our offerings with a Discover DAOU Experience, a 60-minute tasting that offers a comprehensive sampling of DAOU’s Reserve and Estate wines. Along with the views, enjoy a flight of our world-class French-inspired wines ranging from our fruit-forward Reserve Chemin de Fleurs to our marquee Soul of a Lion, which shows exactly why DAOU is the new frontier of Cabernet Sauvignon.

The vineyards of DAOU Mountain
A closeup of calcareous soil

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Learn More About André Tchelistcheff

Tchelistcheff was a Russian enologist who became America's most influential post-Prohibition winemaker. He revolutionized Napa Valley wine making by concentrating on high-quality California Cabernet Sauvignon aged in small French oak barrels. Known affectionately as “Maestro” and “the dean of Americans winemakers,” Tchelistcheff mentored a long list of legendary California winemakers.

In 1961, Dr. Stanley Hoffman, a Beverly Hills cardiologist, moved his family to Paso Robles to follow his dream of becoming a winemaker. He hired André Tchelistcheff as a consultant, and together, they developed the Hoffman Mountain Ranch vineyard and winery, the first gravity-flow winery in America and first commercial-scale winery in Paso Robles.

Then known as Hoffman Mountain Ranch, the property produced notable wines and was widely considered the birthplace of modern winemaking in Paso Robles. However, its full potential lay unfulfilled for more than 30 years until Georges and Daniel Daou acquired the original Hoffman Mountain Ranch property and it became DAOU Mountain.

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