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DAOU Vineyards
Aerial view of the vineyards and tasting room at DAOU Estate


Your insider guide to visiting us during your summer vacation

From gorgeous views of Paso Robles to our excellent-yet-accessible world-class wines, DAOU is a hidden gem of California’s wine country.

Your Guide to the Perfect Day on DAOU Mountain 

Whether you book one of our signature tastings or try your luck as a walk-in on a slower day, we strive to make your time on DAOU Mountain a magical, multisensory experience. However, if you’d like to turn your next visit into a trip you’ll never forget, we’re here to help with our insider tips. From gorgeous views of Paso Robles to our excellent-yet-accessible varietals, DAOU is a hidden gem of California’s wine country. 

Portrait of Andre Tchelistcheff sniffing a glass of wine

The tasting room at DAOU offers a sophisticated setting for guests to enjoy meticulously crafted wines while surrounded by the natural beauty of Paso Robles,” shares Marino Monferrato, DAOU’s Vice President of Hospitality.

With its stunning views, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive staff, DAOU Mountain stands out as a top destination in Paso Robles for an exceptional tasting experience with panoramic views of the coastal mountains.

Look for Marino when you are visiting us! You may recognize him-not only is Marino the face of DAOU Mountain, but he has also served as maître d' on Gordon Ramsay's TV Show Hell’s Kitchen since Season 13!

With its stunning views, welcoming atmosphere, and attentive staff, DAOU Mountain stands out as a top destination in Paso Robles for an exceptional tasting experience with panoramic views of the coastal mountains.

If you've ever visited us on the Mountain before, you know the road to the top definitely showcases our country roots. To say it's a bit bumpy and narrow is a generous description of this country dirt road!

The great news is, we are working on improving the road up DAOU Mountain. While it is under construction, we have provided air conditioned, comfortable shuttles to bring you straight to our door. Plan a little extra time so you can enjoy your drive through the vineyard to your DAOU tasting experience.

As the temperature rises, a reservation literally becomes one of the hottest tickets in town so we recommend booking a tasting up to four weeks in advance.

Since most of our seating is outdoors—and DAOU Mountain stands at an elevation of 2,200 feet—keep your cool by booking a morning tasting. (Don’t worry if you’re only able to snag an afternoon reservation: just be sure to check the weather and dress accordingly. We’ll bring the refreshing beverages!)

A vineyard with barn in the background
A cover image of Wines & Vines magazine with Tchelistcheff and Hoffman

Chef Spencer, DAOU's Head Chef and culinary wizard, is on hand to craft perfect pairings for your tasting.

A Paso Robles celebrity, Chef Spencer uses only local ingredients in his dishes.

Much like the philosophy behind DAOU wines, Chef believes in letting the true essence of the fresh ingredients shine through in his dishes. Because of this, the DAOU pairing menu is updated seasonally, and subject to change based on availability.

Try one of his masterful pairings for yourself. The rounded mouthfeel of our Estate Semillon will pair nicely with the Chef’s Caviar, while the crisp, bright notes of our Estate Sauvignon Blanc will expertly offset an order of briny oysters.

(For a snack that will have you begging for seconds, order the crudo, which is coming to our menu this summer.) 

If you don’t want your perfect day at DAOU to end, become a Member to access our exclusive after-hours Sunset Events, which are available on the first Saturday of every month from April through October. You can also enjoy our Members-Only Flight during our Members Weekend, which happens the last weekend of every month.

Or, for an experience that appeals to all the senses, book a spot at our monthly, Members-only Artisan Dinner, where Estate Chef Spencer creates a mouthwatering pairing with local, in-season ingredients. The meals are paired with our most sought after wines, including rare library wines and coveted selections from the PATRIMONY line.

If you have any questions, look for Amanda Ramos, our Membership Ambassador, who is here to answer any questions you might have. Amanda, along with the rest of our team, is here to make sure you have a wonderful experience so DAOU can truly feel like a home away from home.


The vineyards of DAOU Mountain
A closeup of calcareous soil

DAOU Summer Wine Guide

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Summer at  DAOU

Recreate the Summer at DAOU in your own space! The stunning Estate Semillon is perfect to be enjoyed in the summer sunshine. Use the DAOU Mountain coasters to and be transported back to your time in our tasting room.

DAOU Summer Sun

The DAOU fan favorite, Chemin de Fleurs is the perfect wine for summer. Featured on the Summer Flight at DAOU Mountain, make sure to bring a bottle (or two!) home with you.

Paso Evening

Stay refreshed throughout the summer with these Brumate DAOU branded tumblers and DAOU Estate Semillon. Comes with everything you need for your own culinary experience.


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