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Welcome to our Library Collection. Carefully selected and cellared by Daniel Daou and released for the first time to our members. These rare and highly sought after wines are periodically released in limited quantities.



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2016, 2017, and 2018 DAOU ESTATE MICHO 


The DAOU Estate Micho was created in honor of Georges & Daniel Daou's sister, Michelle, who passed away from breast cancer.

This Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon blend is an elegant and feminine wine that is a powerhouse of structure and quality.

The wine is aged in 80% New French Oak and is 100% free run.

Historical Harvest Notes:

2016 Vintage: If there was ever a perfect vintage, 2016 would be it. Bud break started early March and the warmth set in very quickly. The onset of veraison came rapidly and earlier than normal because of a very warm June and July. There were a few scares because of the raging fires throughout the region but fortunately our grapes were not affected. In the month of August, approximately one week away from harvest, very cold weather set in and the sugars stopped accumulating for several weeks allowing the perfect hang time to occur. The 2016 vintage allowed us to make our darkest, most concentrated wines yet. The longer hang time led to supple and very well integrated tannins. The 2016 wines will be long lived.

2017 Vintage: The season started out on track with a warmer month of March and April. Bud break started early march and the soils benefited from a little more rain than the previous few years. May brought very cold temperatures to the mountain and strong winds which resulted in severe shatter. As a result of this, yields were 50% or more down from normal. At last, heat finally arrived early June which allowed the small crop to ripen beautifully and on time by early September. Because of the low yield, flavors are intense and balanced and tannins are very well integrated.

2018 Vintage: The 2018 vintage may go in history as the longest season yet. A good amount of rain fell on DAOU Mountain which gave way to a later bud break in April. The vines were energized by the much-needed moisture, setting one of our best crops yet. The weather remained steady from spring through June when we received a long heat wave that fortunately did not affect the quality of the grapes due to the fact that it was before the start of veraison. A cooling trend ensued for the rest of the season right after the heatwave prolonging the hanging time and the harvest to October. The result was our latest harvest ever on the mountain, reaching all the way into the third week of October. The long hang time yielded deep color and concentration with dense wines. The tannins are silky and beautifully integrated. As a result the 2018 vintage was an exceptional vintage that gave way to powerful and balanced wines.



Explore the entire collection with vintages from 2013 through 2019