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DAOU Vineyards
A bottle of Bodyguard in front of candles

Bodyguard by DAOU: The Story Behind The Wine

We all experience brokenness, but we are ultimately healed and strengthened by the loving hands around us. This is the story and the lesson of Bodyguard.

From Dark Comes Light

When they were children, Georges & Daniel’s home was hit by one of the first bombs in the Lebanese Civil War. Both brothers suffered grave injuries and as a result of the bombing, the family fled to France. Their mother, Marie Daou, summoning her innate strength and courage, led the family to safety in France where they would build a new life.

This impactful time, defined in their history by love and hope, inspires Bodyguard. Chapters later, when the family would lose everything yet again, Georges & Daniel would find themselves the new guardians of the Daou Family.

An antique desk with candles and abottle of wine overlooks the mountains
A wine key with the Bodyguard logo
A closeup of the Bodyguard bottle lable
A table with a broken vase and bottle of wine

True Happiness is Safety in the Arms of Love