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The DAOU Bell: Sounds of Peace & Wonder

The chiming of a great bell stirs the soul, bringing a sense of peace and wonder.

For thousands of years, bells have symbolized the sacred. The chiming of a great bell stirs the soul, bringing a sense of peace and wonder. It signifies a special moment in time, prompting us to pause and reflect.

It is in this tradition that a bell is the mark of DAOU—specifically the antique bell that hangs in our winery bell tower. This bell is a piece of living history and it is rung only to mark our most revered occasions. It is so cherished that it is depicted on each label of DAOU wine.
The DAOU bell carries an illustrious pedigree. It was cast in 1740 in Santa Maria, Spain, where it hung in a monastery that made wine. It was one of three bells known as the “Three Sisters.” The monks would ring the bell at the beginning of harvest to alert the townspeople that it was time to gather the grapes. They also rang it at the conclusion of harvest to share the good news of another fruitful season.

Proprietors Georges and Daniel Daou acquired this bell to serve as an emblem of the DAOU Mountain experience. And like those monks of long ago, they save its ringing for special moments.
First, it signals the beginning of harvest on DAOU Mountain—just as it did recently to mark the first pick of 2022. The bell is also rung to celebrate the end of harvest. Lastly, you will hear it on the 11th day of February, marking the wedding anniversary of Joseph and Marie Daou, the late parents of Georges and Daniel.

Hearing this bell is an unforgettable rarity on DAOU Mountain—there is nothing like listening to it chime across the mountain and into the vistas. It is the sound of joy and serenity. And while you may not hear it during your next visit to DAOU, you can still see the bell for yourself and play its music in your mind as you take in the panoramic views.