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DAOU Vineyards
Close up of the detail on the DAOU bell

Passion for Preservation

Black and white image of Georges and Daniel in the barrel room

Georges and Daniel Daou have always had a heart and love for local history. For example, the Daou brothers beautifully restored the original redwood winery built on DAOU Mountain in the early 1970s by pioneering Paso Robles vintner Dr. Stanley Hoffman. The historic building nestled into the hillside is now known as our iconic barrel room stacked floor-to-ceiling with aging DAOU estate barrels.

The brothers’ passion for preservation continues, not only at DAOU Mountain and DAOU Ocean in Cambria, but at the historic Bank of Italy building in downtown Paso Robles. All of these properties will offer DAOU members exciting new food and wine experiences and promise to deepen our journey together.

Historic building in downtown Paso Robles
“If you look at these different properties we have acquired, they all share a distinct thread—the thread of history and pedigree,” Daniel says. “We believe in Paso Robles and the Central Coast. We know that these unique sites speak to the significance of this region, and we want to restore their voice.”
Exterior image of DAOU Ocean in Cambria, California

We began establishing DAOU Ocean last year after acquiring an amazing property overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the village of Cambria. This property was originally known as The Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens, dating back to 1982. The Hamlet was renowned as a gathering place for the arts and home to the famous Jazz Artist Series, a regular concert program that hosted legendary jazz musicians from across the world. A boutique wine shop also once operated in a small outbuilding in the heart of the gardens.

This beloved local treasure will be reborn as an intimate, oceanside destination for lovers of wine, food, art, and culture.

Earlier this year, Georges and Daniel purchased the iconic Bank of Italy building at the corner of Park and 13th streets in downtown Paso Robles. Beloved for its Renaissance revival architecture, the building was constructed in 1921 and has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1998.

The impressive three-story brick structure in the heart of downtown was home to the Bank of Italy and, later, Bank of America. It became historically notable as a center for commerce in the early days of growth and development in small-town Paso Robles.

In recent years, the building has been vacant and its future uncertain, until Georges and Daniel stepped in to preserve this landmark for generations to come.

Close up of the Bank of Italy building in downtown Paso Robles

“This is an exciting opportunity to revive a vibrant part of Paso Robles’ historical downtown,” Georges says. “We feel humbled to contribute to this community we love so much.”

Adds Daniel, “When we see these significant sites neglected, we feel compelled to try to revive their original glory and the intent of their creation.”

“I can say that this will be an amazing place for our members to enjoy,” Georges says. “It is important for us to bring approachable and aspirational wine experiences to downtown Paso Robles.