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DAOU Vineyards

Spring In Your Sip

The Palate of DAOU Mountain

Lavender flowers

The skies are a perfect shade of blue with wispy, dreamy clouds dotted along the horizon.There’s a comforting warmth in the lavender breeze that evokes a sense of joy and fresh starts. A new season is upon us – spring is here.

Hear the buzz of bees as they busy themselves; see the splashes of color as dainty ladybugs flit about their day; spot the praying mantis as he marks his turf with his unique murmur; and watch the small yet mighty bugs do their bit as everyone, guided by Mother Nature, is at the mercy of each sunbeam or raindrop. Like a perfect wine, there’s balance – there’s harmony.

A grapevine bud break
Orange wildflowers in the vineyard

Spring is a time to breathe fully as roots shoot, flowers burst, and an explosion of color saturates the landscape. Magic is happening – DAOU Mountain is gradually coming to life against the gentle soundtrack of hummingbirds. While bushes are pruned, bottles are chilled and the winery is readied, a palpable buzz sweeps the estate.

We invite you to be a part of that buzz as you indulge your senses this spring. Be it a pop of a cork on a lazy Sunday afternoon that transports you effortlessly to our vineyard, or a visit to join us for a glass of something special as you experience firsthand the true beauty and passion of this mountain we call home.

A glass of rosé

It’s time to get a spring in your sip, so let’s raise a toast to first blooms and the season of new beginnings. Cheers!

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