Spring In Your Sip

The Palate of DAOU Mountain

As the weather starts to warm and the skies turn blue again, we begin to witness an explosion of color as our garden of flowers bursts to life across the mountain.

This spring, we ask wine lovers to indulge in a delight for the senses. Whether a sip from your glass transports you to the vineyard, or a visit to our home enables you to experience the beauty first hand, we invite you to enjoy your own slice of the mountain we call home.

Nature is in the spotlight as everyone has their role to play; the wine producers working in harmony with the worms and bees, all guided by Mother Nature and at the mercy of every cloud and sunbeam.

Let’s mark the shift in season as we raise a toast to first blooms with a glass of something special...

Visit DAOU Mountain this Spring


Harvest Heroes: The Team Behind the Wines