Sequentis: Fortune Favors the Bold

The improbable journey of DAOU now reaches its next milestone—Sequentis, a stunning new Merlot that signifies victory against all odds.

The Story

Brothers Georges and Daniel Daou embarked on an audacious quest—first to find the perfect terroir for Bordeaux varieties, then to elevate Paso Robles on the global stage. They were outnumbered by the skeptics and naysayers, but they ultimately won the day with bravery, wit and determination. The rest is history.

Now comes Sequentis. It is the Daou brothers’ battle cry, a declaration of their undying devotion to Bordeaux varieties. And it is a never-say-die tribute to Merlot, a grape whose greatness will no longer be underestimated. With Sequentis, victory is at hand.

With Sequentis, victory is at hand.


Harvest 2021: Miracle on DAOU Mountain