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DAOU Vineyards
A hand holding several olives on a vine

Groves of Heritage

Olives on a tree in a grove

As dawn breaks, this brisk December morning was anything but an ordinary Tuesday here on DAOU Mountain. Commencing under thick, foggy skies, the threat of rain loomed over the hands prepped to collect the delectable fruit from the Estate groves. The thumping of heavy crates, soft rumbling of tractor engines and splintering of branches together make up the sounds of our Annual Olive Harvest.

On the Mountain, tradition is held close to our hearts and practiced persistently. The impending olive harvest was no different. Throughout the laborious morning, mature olives were removed from their branches using the traditional Italian brucatura method—delicately picked “by hand.” Although more tedious than automated machine harvest, the mutual synergy between the workers and the fruit insured consistency and closer inspection—minimizing the amount of under-developed fruit. Following in the path of DAOU wines, passion and patience are vital to cultivate excellence.

A bucket being used to harvest olives
Different colored olives are poured from a collection bucket into a large crate

The varietals found on the Estate - Frantoio and Pendolino - appreciate the unique terroir that gives way to the Mountain’s prosperity. Similar to the Mediterranean ambiance the Daou Brothers grew to love throughout their youth-warm days and cool nights - the olives on the Mountain are able to flourish. Taking advantage of the 2,200 foot elevation and calcareous-clay soil, the fruit of the Mountain can bloom and grow to the highest quality and expectations.