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DAOU Vineyards

Keep your eyes on the sky, as we are proud to announce that DAOU has partnered with the elite Tiger Squadron to bring high-flying theatrics to DAOU Mountain and beyond.

Tiger Squadron plane with DAOU logo under wing
Tiger Squadron planes fly above the DAOU Tasting room

Hailed as Southern California’s premier formation flying team, Tiger Squadron is daring by nature, precise in execution and passionate in spirit—qualities that we greatly value at DAOU.

Tiger Squadron’s pilots come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, but they all share one thing—an abiding fellowship with one another.

“Our lives are in each other’s hands every time we go up,” says Tiger Squadron pilot Chris Zimmer. “Doing what we do requires a great deal of trust, and all of that crosses over into a profound sense of camaraderie.”

According to pilot Guido Rietdyk, everyone on the Tiger Squadron team also shares a very important practical trait: “You can’t be freaked out about flying a plane 10 feet from the other person.”

The Tiger Squadron has impressed sellout crowds at USC, UCLA and Los Angeles Rams football games. They have flown over the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and numerous veterans’ parades. And now they are set to electrify the skies above DAOU with their awe-inspiring ballet of vintage aircraft.

Woman in front of Tiger Squadron plane
Three bottles of DAOU wine in front of Tiger Squadron plane
Mechanic on the wing of a Tiger Squadron plane
Couple at DAOU Tasting Room watching Tiger Squadron in flight