The DAOU tasting experience, whenever & wherever you want it.

Life is busy. It can be tough to get away, unwind, and sip some wine. So, instead of you having to come to us, we are bringing the tasting experience of DAOU Mountain to you! From the comfort of your home, backyard, campsite, couch, or yurt, wherever works for you is good for us!

It's really simple: order the wine, receive the package & instructions, navigate to the video, and sip & enjoy at your leisure.

Pause when you want, restart when you want. Sip out of order, have fun!


How It Works

Order the virtual tasting wine set of your choice and your wine delivery will come with instructions on how to navigate to the videos. At your convenience, open the wines and let Katherine Daou lead you through your own personal wine tasting!


The Wine Experience



Reserve Chardonnay

Reserve Rosé

Chemin de Fleurs

4 x Tasting Mats

1 x Tasting Postcard

1 x Tasting Notebook

Luxury Gift Box


The Details:

The DAOU virtual tasting videos perfectly capture the experience at DAOU mountain, with Katherine leading you through a thoughtful and fun educational tasting experience. She will take you through the latest DAOU wine collection, regions of France that inspired Daniel Daou’s winemaking technique, basic wine terminology, family stories, and fun wine making anecdotes.

Total Control

  • Each video is tailored to the exact wine collection you selected and each video is broken up into easily navigable segments.
  • There is no time limit, you can rewatch as many times as you need, fast-forward, pause, rewind.
  • You do not have to taste in order, you do not have to open all the wines at once.

2021 Chemin de Fleurs

2021 Reserve Rosé

2020 Reserve Chardonnay

Inspired by the iconic white wines of France’s Rhône Valley, Chemin de Fleurs is a classic blend of three varieties—Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier. The 2021 vintage offers tantalizing and vibrant aromas of pineapple, banana, vanilla bean and freshly sliced pear.

The 2021 DAOU Reserve Rosé comes from special Grenache fruit selected by Winemaker Daniel Daou. True to form, this wine displays a lovely pale apricot color in the traditional style of Provençale rosés.

The intensely fragrant 2020 DAOU Reserve Chardonnay offers enticing aromas of Asian pear, honeysuckle, Granny Smith apple, smoky oak and warm buttered toast. Hints of pineapple, vanilla cream, hazelnut and ginger round out the luscious nose.

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DAOU Journey Collection:


Welcome to The Journey Collection! These uniquely crafted wines each tell a beautiful story, and together they represent the expansion of the DAOU story beyond the mountain. Journey through these wines with us wherever you are in the world. Includes:

1 x 2020 Bodyguard Chardonnay

1 x 2020 Bodyguard Red

1 x 2019 Sequentis Merlot

4 x Tasting Mats

1 x Tasting Postcard

1 x Tasting Notebook

Luxury Gift Box


2019 Sequentis

2020 Bodyguard Chardonnay

2020 Bodyguard
Red Blend

Balanced, structured and brimming with focused intensity, this wine concludes with firm tannins that drive a clean finish and exceptional length—all promising outstanding age-worthiness.

The Bodyguard Chardonnay embodies the quintessential style of a California chardonnay - ripe fruit, vanilla-laced oak notes and an all around rich and buttery mouthfeel.

Bold and brooding, it displays a vivid, deep purple hue accompanied by an intense nose of chocolate-covered blueberry, black raspberry,