DAOU Vineyards

Honoring Fathers Everywhere

Georges and Daniel Daou were so inspired by their father, Joseph Daou, that they named their flagship wine after him. Soul of a Lion celebrates the life of Joseph and the family’s journey from Lebanon to France to America. Whenever the family was faced with challenges and setbacks, Joseph would declare, “We always come back roaring with the Soul of a Lion.”

Most important, Joseph taught his sons to dream - a gift that inspired them to work hard, pursue their dreams and ultimately establish DAOU Family Estates. DAOU is the culmination of generations of perseverance and passion. For Georges and Daniel, it is a family business where everyone who is a part of it is considered family. In that way, they are the patriarchs of DAOU, and they pour their heart and soul into the wine and the vineyard the same way that a father nurtures and grows the next generation.

Someone said it, and it was so true. “I have a feeling that the way your parents loved you is the way you are loving the world.” And that was the most profound thing I’ve heard, which summarizes basically everything, everything we are and everything we do.

– Georges Daou, Proprietor

This Father’s Day, honor your dad with a gift he will appreciate and a wine that has been created to honor our patriarchs and the generations of fathers before us.