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It's About the Experience

At DAOU, we understand the importance of your time and we love when we can make life a little easier for you. Whether you are purchasing wine for yourself, as a gift, or enjoying the online DAOU lifestyle, it is important to us that you enjoy the experience from start to finish and are not burdened by inefficient systems. With that in mind, we created DAOU+ just for you. 

Your Benefits

Your easy all-access pass to amazing benefits all year long.

  • No commitment. No mandatory wine shipments. Just Wine. 
  • Shipping Benefits
  • Access to exclusive DAOU+ wines and products
  • Early release of our newest vintages
  • Gifting – made – easy feature
  • Access to Tickets to Upcoming Events
  • Reserve tasting experiences
  • Personal Cellar
  • Additional fun surprises and new benefits coming soon

Our Future

Is that all? Nope! There is more to come. We are constantly finding new, fun ways to keep DAOU+ exciting, but phew, it’s a lot of work making them perfect for you, so please be patient. Some of the new features we are working on include:

Unlimited Access

Enjoy single swipe purchasing, exclusive products, and our Gifting-Made-Easy feature.

With DAOU+ you can enjoy the very best wines that DAOU Mountain has to offer - Exclusive access to highly allocated selections, updated weekly with no obligation or commitment.

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Gifting made easy

No zip codes to know, no addresses to memorize. DAOU+ does the hard work for you so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

Swipe, select, gift.

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Flat Rate Shipping

From one bottle to 100 bottles, DAOU+ always has flat rate shipping. So you pay one fee no matter how much you order.

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Got questions? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to contact us

What is DAOU+? How does it work?

DAOU+ is, simply, a wine app made specifically for our Members and community.

Do I have to download the app?

Of course not! Your Membership is not affected, and everything still works as normal on our website. But we promise, we think the APP is worth it.

Will DAOU spam my contacts?

No. We created this app in order to solve a very cumbersome and clumsy process of gifting, we never spam, market or bother your personal contacts without permission. Our default notifications for the recipient include: tracking, wine received, wine delivered, and if you received a gift of wine.

Can I just buy and gift on your website?

Yes! We have a many people who opt to gift through our website, but we wanted to make sending a gift a simple and enjoyable process. All you have to know is the Name, Email and State of the person you are gifting. It can't get simpler than that.

What is Gifting? How does it work?

A great deal of wine purchases are for someone else and, after listening very closely to our community, we wanted to make it very simple and enjoyable to send gift. So we created a feature that allows you to gift in under 3 swipes.

Can I manage my Membership through the app?

Not at the moment, but we're working on it! However, as long as you sign up to DAOU+ with the same email address as your membership email, all your discounts and benefits will be linked.

The perfect wine every time.

Club Member Note:

Your benefits will be automatically synced with your account on the app. Just make sure you set up your DAOU+ account with the same email as your Membership Account and have fun discovering all the cool benefits and features available to you.