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Engage your customers, clients, VIP's, employees with a gifts they’ll never forget. Access our wide range of carefully crafted and customizable gift sets to satisfy all of your gifting needs with our Corporate Membership

Wine, the gift that delights

Automate long-term employee recognition, customer retention, and sales prospecting. Wine gifts that are as simple as they are impactful.

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Fill out an easy form, and let us know a few details on what you are interested in.


No team is too small or client list too large, our selections of wine, estate access and merchandise will fit any need.


We take care of the rest. Email notifications, packaging, temperature control, fulfillment, tracking & logistics - we'll keep you updated every step of the way!

The Details

We have 3 distinct levels of Corporate Membership available. There is NO UPFRONT fee. All benefits are unlocked depending on yearly spend.

Membership Levels will be adjusted instantly as spend increases over the course of 1 year upon first dollar spent with DAOU.

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