Exclusively Available to DAOU Club Members

Sémillon is a classic Bordeaux Varietal that is grown on DAOU Mountain in extremely limited quantity. Traditionally, our Estate Sémillon is grown exclusively to be blended into the Estate Sauvignon Blanc to create the delightful and complex wine you love. However, this vintage was so exceptional that Winemaker Daniel Daou had to share it!

The 2021 DAOU Estate Sémillon is our newest showcase for world-class Bordeaux varieties grown on DAOU Mountain. This wine makes an immediate statement with its bright golden hues that evoke liquid sunshine. A full, well-rounded nose offers enticing aromas of lemon-lime, sliced pears, vanilla and green papaya with floral accents of hibiscus, star jasmine and gingerbread spice. The palate is rich and creamy, showing flavors of pineapple, nutmeg and sweet toasty oak with trailing notes of green apple, honey and mango. The finish is remarkably clean and refreshing, revealing lingering nuances of quince, nectarine and buttered toast.