Holiday Collaboration

Spirits were high last December when three songwriters gathered at a home in Nashville with all of the necessities for writing a feel-good holiday tune—a few guitars, a keyboard, Christmas sweaters, and, in their words, “lots of DAOU Cabernet.”

The result is Feelin’ Like Christmas, a new DAOU- inspired song about what makes the holiday season so special—family, friends, and getting away from it all. Feelin’ Like Christmas was performed and recorded earlier this year and is now available to DAOU members.

“Georges Daou is someone who loves spreading happiness, so writing a song about sharing laughter and love was a natural fit,” says songwriter Corri English. “At the time we wrote it, we had no idea that a song like this would be more important than ever.”

Corri—who wrote and performed Rose All Day, another DAOU-inspired song—created Feelin’ Like Christmas with fellow songwriters Elizabeth Lyons and Danny Myrick. Georges first met Corri through DAOU’s partnership with BMI, and he later introduced her to Elizabeth. “I immediately loved her energy, so when Georges pitched the idea of us collaborating for a holiday song, I was all in.”

Corri then reached out to her friend Danny to complete the songwriting trio—a fitting addition, as Danny played an acoustic show at DAOU last year. And while they created Feelin’ Like Christmas with the holidays in mind, the message of the song is meant to resonate far beyond the season.

As Elizabeth says, “This is a feel-good song reminding us all to celebrate the joy of Christmas with the people we love all year long.”

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