We are so excited to share the wonderful, new Bodyguard Chardonnay. Bodyguard Chardonnay is a tribute to Marie Daou, who was a beacon of strength during hard times. She led her family through war and darkness and shone with a grace within chaos.

Set Includes:

1x Bodyguard Chardonnay

1x Bodyguard Chardonnay Handmade Candle

In Marie Daou's honor, we have partnered with women around the globe who also exemplify this same strength and grace.

For this special edition Bodyguard Chardonnay Candle, we partnered with Bright Endeavors in Chicago. This non-profit company hires young mothers in their community and trains them in a vocation. The products produced are then sold, with all the profits going to the mothers, their young families, and communities. As a part of the partnership, Bright Endeavors created an exclusive DAOU candle that perfectly captures the scent of Lavender rolling over DAOU Mountain.

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The Bodyguard Chardonnay embodies the quintessential style of a California chardonnay - ripe fruit, vanilla-laced oak notes and an all around rich and buttery mouthfeel. The warmer climate of California provides a deeper golden color, aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and coconut, and the flavors can range from mango and banana to butter and cream. The Chardonnay grape truly reflects where it is grown and as such the terroir expresses itself very accurately in the glass. The Bodyguard Chardonnay uses grapes from the famous Santa Barbara appellation that benefits from the proximity of Pacific Ocean. Cold fermentations are performed to maintain the aromatic precursors with a combination of French and American oak to deliver a creamy and buttery mouthfeel.