The perfect opener for library wines. The Ah-So Opener comes with a DAOU sheath to help store it until it's next use.

Perhaps the simplest tool of all, an ah-so has two flat, thin prongs that, when inserted into the neck of the bottle, hug the cork on either side to extract it. The design of the ah-so opener is ideal for older bottles, which may have corks that are breaking down and becoming brittle.

Additional Details

How to use an Ah So Opener

When you look at an Ah So, you'll note that one of the prongs is longer than the other. This prong is the first one that is inserted between the cork and the bottle. You'll have to use a bit of force, but generally it should slide in without having to stress.

The distance you want to slide this prong down is a balancing act, as you only want to insert it far enough to allow for the second prong to reach the surface of the cork.

Once the two prongs are inserted, begin to push down on the Ah So to get each prong fully inserted. It is likely that you'll have to push down in a gentle rocking motion from side-to-side.

Once you have the Ah So inserted into the bottle, you will then grab the handle and begin to twist and gently pull outward at the same time.